3 Esports Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

As you may be aware, professional gaming has exploded in popularity over the past decade. The esports world is now home to countless teams competing for multimillion dollar prizes in arenas filled with thousands of dedicated fans. Just consider the 2021 League of Legends world championship. It’s the crowning event of the game, welcoming 24 teams who qualified through the months-long Summoner’s Cup. The starting jackpot is $2.25 million and is expected to increase with the sale of in-game items. As for viewership, this esports competition already draws in more fans than the SuperBowl or NBA finals.

That alone is quite mind-blowing considering where gaming was just a few years ago. However, that’s not all there is to say about the marvel that is modern esports. Learn to be a professional esports player and win the best online jackpots. Know more about it here!

What Exactly is Esports?

The term esports, which of course is short for electronic sports, refers to the field in which individual gamers or teams compete in a range of titles. Today’s top-ranking games include Counter-Strike, Fortnite, FIFA and Overwatch.

Players are also known as broadcasters, and they’re far-removed from the typical image of a greasy teenager hobbling in a dark bedroom. They’re fit, disciplined, diverse and well-trained professionals with massive fanbases. They have teams, coaches, sponsors, managers and practice schedules. They also earn an impressive income through free prizes.

Global Revenue

With some of the best online jackpots of any sport, it should come as no surprise that a lot of money is changing hands among teams, sponsors and gaming companies in the esports world. The total market value has already doubled from its 2016 figure and is expected to continue reaching new heights.

This is due in part to the rise of streaming platforms like Twitch, which saw 800 million hours of esports content viewed in 2019 alone. In the following year, global esports gaming revenue soared to $3.5 billion in total.


While gaming inherently doesn’t involve much movement beyond your hands, esports athletes follow physical training routines just like their other sportsmen and women. This is in part to deal with strenuous travel schedules and also to avoid developing injuries like neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Game Variety

One thing that sets esports apart from just about any other sport is the sheer variety of games that can be played. Unlike the NBA or NFL, for instance, where athletes compete within the set rules of a single sport, professional gamers compete in a range of titles spanning all genres of gaming.

This includes everything from classics like Call of Duty and Halo to strategy games like StarCraft II and Hearthstone. That said, not all titles are equally lucrative. In 2018, the prize pool for World of Warcraft Arena was $250,000. The Dota 2 competition on the other hand, saw players win more than $18 million.

Here’s a bonus fact – the United States legally recognises esports gamers as professional athletes. This goes to show just how far the industry has come.

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